Play Dead Trick

Be Lungworm Aware – TVC – Bayer

Branding, Campaign, TV & Film

The idea for the 2014 TVC was to use a highly emotional story of a lovely family dog that completes a range of tricks; fetching the morning paper, catching a frisbee, playing dead. The trouble starts when his ‘play dead’ trick is a little too realistic, raising the alarm that lungworm could hit at any time. This campaign was multi-faceted and cross-channel, engaging with trade and consumer audiences. The over-arching concept shows an idyllic image of life with a family dog that could be devastated if lungworm were to strike. The strength of the idea is clear with all touchpoints using the creative to best effect. The campaign resonated incredibly well: vets saw a 78% rise in dog owners asking about lungworm; 86% of vets now mention lungworm in routine check-ups; sales of Advocate continue to grow 33% year on year.

The 30 and 45 second adverts on YouTube have combined views of over 200,000.

Creative Director – Andy Scarth Concept and initial storyboard, art direction and design

Film Director – Caswell Coggins. Production – Crossfire ProductionsCreative Agency – MBC