Nature's Gift

Col+ Health Drink

Branding, Digital, Logo & Identity, Packaging

Identity, packaging design and product launch – The design brief requested; logo design, bottle & pack designs, key imagery/patterns, collateral, and a website for COL+ Colostrum.

COL+ is a science-led, natural dairy product, sold in a ready-to-drink form. To be marketed in Singapore and China, the identity needed to appeal to the local Asian markets and expats living in the region. The brand identity was to set a new benchmark for dairy health drinks. A product promoting human wellness, the identity captures the brand’s strategic intention; harmony between science and nature. Avoiding the dairy clichés of cows and ‘rolling meadows’, this sophisticated pack design is clean and contemporary, playing to scientific and pharmaceutical cues. The logo’s gem-like droplet simultaneously communicates liquid colostrum, flavour infusion and the precious contents within. The droplet shape became the brand’s DNA – providing a visual link and graphic synergy for all communications.


Strategic Team Member, Lead Designer, Project Manager – Andy Scarth

Creative Agency – Saatchi & Saatchi Design