Mastering Moments of Magic

Ovation Events

Branding, Guidelines, Logo & Identity

 The live-event industry is fast moving and highly competitive. PeopleTech, a US-based business realised they needed a fresh face and a new position in the market. Working with Saatchi & Saatchi Design Worldwide, we developed a new brand platform consisting of a new company name, brand strategy, and organising idea. I continued the identity development, designing a new logo, graphic language and photographic style. The result is a brand identity that sits comfortably in the corporate arena but still plays in a creative space. Ovation’s organising idea; Mastering Moments of Magic, is symbolised by the logo’s magic black box and unites the business strategy with its creative services. A powerful brand that promises clients the perfect delivery.


Strategic Team Member, Lead Designer, Project Manager – Andy Scarth

Creative Agency – Saatchi & Saatchi Design