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Ziera Shoes

Branding, Logo & Identity, Retail

Ziera leads the market in orthotic capable women’s shoes and is the most recommended fashion footwear brand of podiatrists and physiotherapists in Australasia. However, Ziera had a problem; the brand carried significant historical baggage, an image that deterred younger women from even looking at the brand. Working with Saatchi & Saatchi Design Worldwide, we redefined the brand essence to truly reflect the company’s central truth: to balance form and function; the best possible style without compromising on foot comfort. Expanding on this idea, we detailed the role that foot comfort plays in quality of life and the role style plays in making women feel beautiful and empowered. We anchored the brand in the concept of inner beauty reflecting outer beauty, form balanced with function, style with science – the perfect fit. We called this Organising Idea Beautiful Inside, Beautiful Outside. This Organising Idea was then creatively expressed in the Ziera design system: The orchid as the logo (universally symbolic of balance and beauty), a distinctive bright green, patterns and colours that bring a new sense of sophistication and beauty.


Strategic Team Member and Senior Designer – Andy Scarth

Creative Agency – Saatchi & Saatchi Design