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- Brand Consultant

- Board Advisor

- Design Agency Owner

Andy Scarth 2024

Board Advisory Roles 

Contractual agreement to sit at board level and advise on branding and marketing initiatives. Ideal in the start-up / scale up environment, or if a company decides to rename and rebrand themselves. Normally a fixed term is agreed involving monthly commitments with key objectives set and monitored by both parties.

Neon Bulb

Brand Consultant

Providing business owners and C-Suite executives guidance and actions to develop a brand's image and visual presence in the market. This includes strategic framework, workshops and best practice approach and planning.

Neon X
Montage of Firebelly work

Design Agency Owner ~ Firebelly

Creative design studio serving a range of clients and sectors. Andy Scarth is Founder and Managing Director of Firebelly which he started in 2017. Firebelly is based in Stockwell, London.

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